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Feature articles are a way to write about a topic that is of particular interest – whether the topic is a passion or a curiosity. The writer may already have known a lot about the topic - or nothing at all! Either way, they must do a lot of research to write an effective feature article.

In fourth grade we chose topics and spent weeks collecting information. We read articles, books and websites, and conducted interviews with “experts” in the field. We studied a variety of mentor articles and used those to write our own articles.

We hope you enjoy reading them!


Feature Articles

The difficulty of literature is not to write, but to write what you mean; not to affect your reader, but to affect him precisely as you wish.

~ Robert Louis Stevenson

We have been writing memoirs this fall.  Our process began with entries in our notebooks, recalling moments or events or ideas that changed us somehow. From there we chose one of those ideas or events from an entry, and we developed it into a memoir. Finally, we divided our text into illustrated pages.

A memoir is similar to a personal narrative, except that along with the story there is a reflective element that leaves the reader thinking. Often these thoughts lead to a realization, or an understanding, that a reader may relate to their own life experiences. We hope you enjoy reading some of our most poignant and personal stories.

Commentary is a persuasive piece of writing, expressing the views and opinions of the author. Students were taught to include craft such as: humor, strong voice, anecdote, and stating opinion as fact.

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